Thank you all for attending Global Innovation Summit
On September 1, 2015

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai.



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The world of technology is evolving every day, transforming the dynamics of work and life, stimulating a profound impact on humanity. Truly, one cannot deny that innovation plays a crucial role in simplifying our everyday lifestyle, reducing the stress levels of multitasking and enabling efficiency in performing business. Innovation is an enabler, and thousands of businesses in retail, technology, healthcare, media, tourism and education will benefit by understanding the power of innovation and how it can drive engagement with customers. Therefore, The Global Innovation Summit aims to gather global thought leaders on one platform, focus on the disruptive innovations which will impact important business sectors of UAE and seeks to find out how innovation can uncover the answers for tomorrow.

The Global Innovation Summit – the biggest innovative congregation will not only highlight the technology game changers, but also recognize and acknowledge them for making our lives better. It is a leading edge platform for thought leadership, which brings to the fore innovation leaders, visionary individuals and industry thought leaders, disruptive technology companies, government dignitaries, business owners, investors and think tank panellists to discuss and interact, get insights on market developments, review progressive products and transform UAE into an innovation-led economy. Spread around the panel discussion are vast exhibits of ground breaking technology: Wearable Tech, Smart Cities, Smart Governance, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality and much more.

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Global Innovation Summit is attracting best speakers who are domain experts in various fields.

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Innovation Awards

Heartiest Congratulations to All the Winners of the Innovation Awards 2015!

The innovation awards includes the following six categories.

And the winners are…

  • Isabelle Millasseau – for the Best Innovation in Retail Sector
  • Alison Wilcox – for the Best Innovation for Business Growth
  • Tazeen Sharif – for the Best Innovation in Education Sector
  • Fouwaz Parkar – for the Best Innovation in Healthcare Sector
  • Sebastian Stefan – for the Best Innovation in Sustainability
  • Neha Kaul – for the Best Innovation for Public Good


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The Global Innovation Summit attracts the very best.






We have received thousands of testimonials from our readers and delegates who have been interacting with us over the years. We have listed a few of them below. The positive feedback what we receive encourages us to keep on bringing world class speakers, experiences and content to the region.

The Global App Summit was indeed a very wonderful and educative experience and I look forward to more of this enlightening experiences. It really serves to pitch the emirate at the fore-front of this new world market and the potentialities that it offers. It was a truly amazing summit. The coordinating was superb and I think the different timings were very well planned to accommodate the limited time frame and the different presentations. Thank you for the opportunity. — MORDI CHUKWU, MSc. Strategic Project Management Heriot-Watt University, Dubai.
I attended the event(Global App Summit) and I was positively surprised on the amount of participants considering it was put together in a very short time and around that time there were several other digital marketing events before and after. Good job in general. —HARI SUTHA RAJ, Chief Executive Officer-Daksada.
“Indeed, the Intelligent SME events have been a great place to learn from experiences of the thought leaders, and networking with other professionals. We need to have more such events in future – and possibly invite Global business heads in SME space share their success stories too!” —SHASHANK JAIN, Strategic Planning & Analysis Manager, Al Futtaim Group.
It(Global App Summit) was a good event. It was very informative. The people you brought to the event were great. Enjoyed some of them very much like Osman Sultan and the HTML 5 speaker, Scott Davis. On the whole it was a great event I personally had some great networking opportunities which I expect to help me immensely as an app developer. —MOHSIN, App Developer.
Congratulations on the inaugural Global App Summit ’13. I was looking to build an App for a client. I spent half a day at the event and met almost 15 App companies. I also had the opportunity to pop into some of the expert sessions. It was totally worth my time and I was very glad I came to the event. Congratulations once again, can’t wait for the next edition. And kudos to the Apps ME magazine, as well. Love it. —MEHIRR NATH CHOPRA, CEO, Audio Republic.
The first Global Apps summit was a great mix of networking, quality speakers and the opportunity to discover experts in mobile application development.—RAJEN LAKHANI,CMO, Gamified Labs.
To be very frank, after some of the other Mobile conferences in Dubai, I was expecting very little from your event.  I was pleasantly surprised as some of the speakers were really mind-opening.  Bringing knowledge from the Far East was a great touch that really opened our eyes to what the future brings. I look forward to next year’s show. —NADIM KHOURI,Director – Mobile Marketing, Omnicom Media Group MENA.
I believe the show was good and concise. I met very relevant industry players. Overall it was very fruitful and good selection of participants and speakers. —KAVIT PALICHA,Executive Director,Bank Sarasin-Alpen (ME) Limited.


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